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The Boste BZ is a solution for dispensing high volumes of chilled or sparkling filtered water. Robustly built, this system is very simple to operate and maintain. Using a single compact under counter unit the BZ has the capacity to produce 60 litres chilled water per hour. This makes the BZ range ideal for corporate hospitality or meeting room resfreshments. This system is supplied by Billi, but sourced from one of our sister companies.

Very economical to use, where even the sparkling is only 400w the Boste will dispense into a narrow neck container up to 310mm high via its bar-style taps.

It is normally supplied with a drainage font, or can dispense over a sink if required.

Choose from chilled and ambient, or chilled, ambient and sparkling

Designed for high volume bottle or flask filling of still or sparkling water for meeting room, hospitality and leisure.



All Billi taps now carry a 24 month parts and labour warranty.


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Energy Saving

All Billi systems use a trademarked chilled water tank made from a special material called Thermostore which provides superior insulation to reduce running costs.

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On a typical 24 hour period, tests have shown the Alpine unit to emit just 0.133kg of CO2, making our system one of the most energy efficient on the market.

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